Below are some of my Client Testimonials

By: Margaret &Adam

Just recently we had an enormous pleasure to work with Lilly. We never had an idea how much work involves renting an apartment. But....we had Lilly. She actually found us a few months ago (and I will be grateful for it forever) and we didn’t even think, that soon enough we will need her help. Professional, organized, enthusiastic and really lovely to deal with. She even helped with arranging the company installing window blinds in our apartment., professional cleaning and all kinds of little things we probably wouldn’t even think of. She truly works tirelessly for her clients. Thank you Lilly.

By: Robert

Lilly is an amazing realtor in every aspect. Her determination, focus and hard work is unmatched. Her ability to develop great relationships with people are ultimately what sets her apart from other realtors. Lilly is able to connect with and understand the needs of her clients on a very personal level and ultimately deliver incredible results. Her approach was able to get us way over asking in five days on our sale property in addition to finding us the property of our dreams in record timing. It was truly a pleasure doing business with Lilly and would highly recommend her for all of your real estate transactions – she will not let you down!

By: Teresa U.

Working with Lilly was a pleasure today, her patience is unbelievable. Thank you again Lilly

By: Samantha

Working with Lilly was a pleasure today, her patience is unbelievable. Thank you again for everything Lilly.

By: Vito, Etobicoke

Talk about going above and beyond! We met Lilly by chance at an Open House she was hosting and from the minute she began speaking we just knew that she was the right Agent for us. Even with all the friends and family we know in the business she just made us feel at ease and we knew she would work hard for us. And man did she ever! Lilly sold our house in less than a day and found us our dream house almost as quickly. Never once was it about anything other than insuring we were happy and got exactly what we were looking for. Mission accomplished. We now like to call her Allstate because with Lilly, you're in good hands! I would recommend Lilly to everyone from the first-time home buyer to the seasoned pro. She's awesome! Thanks Lilly!

By: Robert, Woodbridge

Lily Zava is an amazing Real Estate Agent. Lilly helped us purchase this beautiful Condo and now Lilly helped get us get a wonderful copuple to rent out this condo. Lilly made the process so easy and stress free. For all your Realty needs CALL...LILLY ZAVA URSINI. She will always have your best interests in mind. She has so much passion and knowledge. LISTWITH LILLY!

By: Anonymous

Lily Ursini-Zava is a true professional with passion for her trade. She was available to us at all times as we searched for a home and asked many questions along the way. She was patient, very informative, flexible, and had our backs through every step. She communicated with us frequently and made us feel supported. Lily works extremely hard for her clients and brings real integrity to the table! thank you Lily! You truly are an outstanding agent. We have never had this experience before, and it was very much appreciated. we would definitely recommend you to all our family and fiends!

By: Anonymous

Lilly is the most hardworking agent i have ever come across! She is determined, strong and cares so much. Always going above and beyond to satisfy her clients and never disappoints. Me and my husband loved working with her we can both tell clearly she loves her job and will put in every extra hour she can to get the job done professionally and right! Lilly has a pure heart and soul and made us the happiest we have ever been, she never made us question her once! She is great at what she does and a beautiful person. We will continue to work and refer people to Lilly as long as we can!